PREMIERE: Melbourne’s Soft Rubbish Share Charged New Single ‘Not In The Game’



Melbourne four-piece Soft Rubbish are back with their meaningful punk sound and new single, ‘Not In The Game’. It’s a message of independence and rebellion, delivered via beautifully dark vocals and fuzz-fuelled instrumentals. Whether you drift away to the psych-driven groove or revel in the wisdom of the lyrics, you’ll soon come to know, Soft Rubbish have something important to say.  

Originally a solo project of Julie Montan, Soft Rubbish now consists of Joseph Foley (Sparkly Bear, Ciggie Witch, Monnone Alone), Matthew Sincock (Children of the Ultra-Void) and Renato Vacirca (Puta Madre Brothers, Vulgargrad, The Wiki Men). It’s a trusted circle of musicians exploring some of life’s deepest fears. Montan said of their new track, “To be 'Not In The Game' means to step out of what other people say you should be. I'm talking about status, scenes, popularity contests - these pigeon holes don’t sit right with me… I believe there are spiritual elements; ‘shadows’, ‘ghosts’ all around us confusing our incredulous minds. They do this to draw our attention to them, but their ultimate message is: if you ignore us we will meddle all the more in your life and with your mind, but if you listen we will quieten right down, we will become your friends, your allies and help you channel your energy into being the best most badass ‘you’ you can be.”

The new single comes with a brand-new clip too. Directed by Sam Orchard, the video reveals a dance contest which is crashed by the band in their (fabulous) silver ensembles. They represent the outsiders, the ones resisting new world order. In my opinion, and if we’re judging by costume originality, they most certainly come out on top in this game.

A fitting note from Montan to finish: “Not In The Game is one of the most important ‘fuck you’ songs I’ve ever written, but there are more coming on the new album which is basically a ‘fuck you’ singalong.” If you’re after a similar release, Soft Rubbish launch their new single Wednesday 10th April at Nighthawks with Thibault and Emma Russack. Until then, you can dig in below.

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