VIDEO PREMIERE: NZ’s Joe Ghatt Shares Hypnotic New Single ‘Seven Chakras’



If you’re spiritually inclined and partial to a bit of fuzz, then you might want to get to know New Zealand’s Joe Ghatt. Driven largely by jangly guitars, upbeat percussion and an overall distorted groove – Ghatt’s sound is a guaranteed good time. Today we’re very pleased to be giving his new single ‘Seven Chakras’ its very first spin.

The track follows on from his debut single ‘Farewell’ and will be included on his forthcoming LP Banana Sludge, which is set for release later this month. While we’re still just getting to know him, both releases reveal his effortless knack for creating impressive experimental psychedelia, with a touch of personality to keeps things light-hearted. Ghatt said of the track, “I often feel you can open things up a lot with minimal or even no lyrics. I think sometimes by taking away the usual focal point, the listener might interact with the music in a different way, maybe hear a story in the music rather than the words.” He’s not wrong. The well-layered instrumentals are both colourful and dynamic, twisting and turning, eventually landing you in a hypnotic toe-tapping state.

The new single comes with a vibrant new clip too. Getting deep into New Zealand’s lush landscape, Ghatt shows the wilderness what he’s got in way of interpretive dance. “The video was shot in the South Island of NZ somewhere near Mt Arthur. In short, I had been trawling around for new pants and finally made a catch along with a bonus shirt. I had been working on some new moves and realised maybe the pants were the missing link for this new video. I employed my favourite film maker CJ Harper and we took the workhorse Sony Handy-Cam VHS to the base of Mt Arthur. I just wanted the shots to be real, honest and candid. Another day in the life really. This is me, this is who I am, and I like the river vibe. Later I passed it all on to Olive Jeffares for her editing magic and here it is.”

Get into the groove and set your Seven Chakras free below. Banana Sludge is out (on tape) via Third Eye Stimuli 22nd May.

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