EP PREMIERE: The Fillmore Brothers Share Charming Sophomore EP & Now We Love Them



Jack and Seamus Fillmore are the real-life siblings behind the slack and loveable rock sounds of The Fillmore Brothers. Built on catchy, glimmering guitar hooks and endearing colloquial lyrics - the duo provide a warming insight into the minds of two Victorian teens, but potentially speak for a generation. Today we’re delighted to be premiering their bright new EP Learning To Love The Fillmore Brothers, which is set for release tomorrow via Fraser A. Gormans Brown Truck Records.

Following on from 2018’s debut A Quick Cuppa With The Fillmore Brothers, the overall mood is both heartfelt and humourous. Their sarcastic approach and quick wit shines through on nearly every track, evened out by an underlying sense of hopelessness. It’s honest, catchy and really bloody clever. We caught up with the band ahead of their EP release to find out why we should grant them our love. Oh, and there’s sax too – what’s not to love?

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Your new EP is titled Learning To Love The Fillmore Brothers. How did you land on that name? 

Not sure when the idea came about, but we wanted this EP to follow on from our debut A Quick Cuppa With The Fillmore Brothers. I guess it’s a suggestion that you should give us a chance and try your best to love us, we assume it won’t happen naturally.


Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for your new EP?

We recorded these songs in Jack’s living room last year with our good friend Snowy. He rolled in with a few mics, a shattered macbook and some pirated recording software, and we just cracked straight into it. Most of the songs had been kicking around for quite a while but we didn’t have a band at this point, so up until the day of recording we’d never heard them with guitars, drums and bass all at once. We did two days of recording then Snowy went back to his cave and worked his mixing and mastering magic.


Your music has a clever it of sarcasm sprinkled throughout. Would you say you use humour as a way to process the world? Why/why not?

You ask hard questions. I think with sarcasm you can get away with saying serious things without taking yourself too seriously. Humour can also cut right to the point of a lot of issues (emotional, existential, political or whatever) in a way that people can relate to. 


What’s the dynamic like with you guys - do you get along better when you’re in the studio or out of the studio?

There’s not too much difference in or out of the studio, we have always hated each other, and we always will. 


Any funny or weird stories from the recording process you can share?

All the vocals were sung through a piece of material cut from the inside of an old pair of tracksuit pants and pegged onto a clothes hanger. We won’t elaborate. 


Musically your tracks are pretty bright and the guitars do a lot of the talking. It sounds like you look back in history for music. What one album do you always come back to?

Seamus: Blood On The Tracks by Dylan gets me every bloody time.

Jack: Its gotta be the endlessly inspiring Australian classic 16 Lovers Lane by the Go Betweens for me. Every song is hit. Fact. Don’t all bands say that?


You’re releasing music via Fraser A. Gorman’s label Brown Truck Records, a great songwriter and storyteller himself. How important is it to align with people that get what you’re trying to do?

Fraser is our musical messiah and spiritual guide through the tumultuous Badlands of the music industry. His quick wit and honeyed voice have got us into and out of many sticky situations. His importance cannot be understated.


What’s your favourite track on the new release and why?

Seamus: Break My Heart. Jacks singing and guitar is really sweet at the start and by the end it’s a fuzzy mess. Also, I got to play the drums which is rare.

Jack: What would I Know?, it has an awesome sax solo by our main man Lord Snowy.


What do you want people to feel when they walk away from a Fillmore Brothers show?

Seamus: Better than when they walked in.

Jack: Like they've just had ice cream cake for breakfast.


Finally, tell us in one sentence why we should in fact learn to love The Fillmore Brothers…

Seamus: To fuel our ever-growing egos.

Jack: Learning is important, and ya gotta start somewhere.

The Learning To Love The Fillmore Brothers EP is out tomorrow (17th May) via Brown Truck Records. The duo are also creating a zine to accompany the physical release of the CD that will feature various pictures, lyrics, mazes, fan art and more. Their official EP Launch will take place at The Grace Darling on 15th June. Get to the show and learn to fall in love, just like they’ve requested.


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