PREMIERE: Ruby Jones Shares Stunning Debut Single ‘Backbone’

RUBY JONES by Lilli Waters.

RUBY JONES by Lilli Waters.

Melbourne based artist Ruby Jones will have you drifting into another realm with her powerful psych-folk sound. The captivating vocals are both tender and powerful all at once. Combined with gorgeous, reverb-soaked guitars and gentle percussion that builds in all the right places, it’s one particularly sweet soundscape. Today, we’re very pleased to be premiering their debut single ‘Backbone’.

This tranquil track is not the work of Ruby alone. Co-written by her song writing partner Jules Pascoe (guitar), and self-produced with the entire band, including Selwyn Cozens and Joel Loukes, it’s a dynamic production that brings with it a whole lot of depth. Ruby said of the track, “I wrote the lyrics to this song in my friends’ bedroom in Portland, Oregon. At the end of a long tour my previous band had broken up in Los Angeles, but I wasn't able to get home to Australia for a week… I wrote a lot of songs for this album in her apartment while I was trying to figure out what I was going to with my life when I got home. The hook of the song comes from an episode of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos', which I binge-watched in an attempt to try and appreciate something bigger than me, something worthier of my worry.”

While the overall mood is full of warmth, there’s a lyrical darkness at play too. You can hear the heartbreak and confusion around the breakdown of a relationship. It’s honest and authentic, a theme that is extended by the recording gear too – the song was recorded in drummer Cozen’s home studio using his ca.1970 Tascam 34B four-track tape machine, “Working with vintage gear is not without its quirks, sometimes old tape machines don't behave like you want them to - but I love the end result and I'm so happy with how it sounds.”

Ruby Jones will perform at Melbourne’s Rocksteady Records tomorrow at 6pm (Friday 3rd May), and will also play a sold-out launch show at the Grace Darling this coming Saturday. You can prep for each of the shows by pressing play below. Ah, bliss.

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