PLAYLIST: Tour Tunes With Baby Beef

BABY BEEF by Four Minutes To Midnight.

BABY BEEF by Four Minutes To Midnight.

Tomorrow night, Sydney trio Baby Beef kick off their tour at Melbourne’s Retreat Hotel in Brunswick. Having created one of the most addictive tracks of 2018 ‘Just Relax’, the band are back with new music, new outfits and even more supremely choreographed moves. Who would’ve even thought it possible? We had a mini catch up with lead singer Hewett Cook to see what songs would be keeping them company whilst on the road. It’s a mixed bag, a wild ride if you will and totally true to character.

Can you tell us a bit about what your new single ‘Only If The Water Is Cold’ is about?

It’s about many things, but mostly about how the human mind will repress and alter memories to protect itself from trauma. Christian and I (Baby Beef) wrote each other’s verses. His lyrics came out more post-apocalyptic-blade-runner-esque, where mine were more about a specific relationship, one that had ended very recently at the time. Both verses conclude, in their own way, that what’s important is looking forward and that dwelling on things sucks.

You have some great on stage moves. Who looks after choreography?

Mumma Beef is head of choreography, she’s had us dancing from a young age but only recently did we think of it as cool. She’s looking forward to being on the big bucks soon and getting a professional in. 

Who’s the aux cord hog?

I am. Very much so. I hog it to the point where I stress myself out about what on earth to play next, but at the end of the day I’d rather live with that anxiety than relinquish control. If I get stuck there’s always Talking Heads.

What’s your ultimate pre-show song to get you in the mood?

This changes drastically depending on my mood. Often it’s ‘Benzi Box’ by Danger Doom or ‘Paranoid’ by Sabbath if I need something to wind me up a little. On the flip, if I need something brooding and emotional, it’s ‘I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face’ by Arthur Russell or the Twin Peaks theme.

What’s your ultimate post show/wind down song?

Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie helps me drift away somewhere pretty calm, free from adrenalin and too much tangible thought. It’s kind of spooky too, so I get imagery of (friendly) ghosts and such.

What can we expect from the Baby Beef shows this week?

A bunch of new songs, some re-hashed old songs as well as the classics. Parts of our choreography have evolved into (almost) acting and we’ve got new outfits. It’s our most ambitious show yet. Also, my biological brother K’Dominic, who plays in our favourite band, 100, is shredding his guitar on a few hits. 

Finally, what’s the ultimate petrol station snack?

Sour cream and sweet chilli red rock deli chips. I am open to discussion.

Thurs 30th May - Baby Beef + Kid Heron - Retreat Hotel - Brunswick, Melbourne (FREE)

Fri 31st May - Baby Beef + Poolroom - Tokyo Sing Song - Newtown, Sydney (TICKETS HERE)