Dublin's Girl Band Return With Crazed New Single 'Shoulderblades'



Dublin’s Girl Band have returned with an intensely intriguing new single ‘Shoulderblades’. It’s the first we’ve heard from the four-piece since their excellent 2015 LP Holding Hands With Jamie. Their industrial punk sound was original and exciting when they burst onto the scene back then, and it’s just as engaging now.

The lead single is taken from their forthcoming album The Talkies which is set for release in September via Rough Trade. It’s heavy, loud and filled with chaos. The dark noise is often balanced out by the cutting lyricism and clever storytelling. Genuinely one of the best live bands we’ve experienced to date.

The new single comes with an equally disturbed new video too - directed by Bob Gallagher. He said of the clip, “I think it’s a real testament to the creative spirit of the band that they encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone and attempt to make something with no props or set dressing or conventional narrative, and to try and articulate an idea with dance and movement. In Oona we found an incredible co-conspirator, I couldn’t imagine any other dancer being able to bring that combination of beauty and violence to the video.”

Let off some steam to the below.