PREMIERE: Forest Hall Team Up With Friendlyjordies On New Video For ‘Fuckwit’

FOREST HALL by Dani Hansen.

FOREST HALL by Dani Hansen.

Sydney four-piece Forest Hall have mastered a simple yet hard-hitting formula of no-nonsense garage rock. Built on upfront lyrics and fuzzed out instrumentals, the band have a knack for turning everyday frustrations into rowdy and infectious rock songs. Today we’re very pleased to be premiering their latest single and video – providing the perfect opportunity to let off a little steam.

Taken from their forthcoming EP Endless Bummer ‘Fuckwit’ is as unapologetic as its title suggests. Calling out those who try to make other people’s lives that little bit more difficult, the song is short and to the point but still leaves plenty of room for the dynamic guitars to do a lot of the talking. Lead singer and guitarist, Mislav Belobrajdic, said of the song: “The track’s story was essentially pulled directly from my prolonged interactions with an individual that used to frequent a pub that I used to work at a few years back. The whole song; melody, lyrics and structure actually came to me at once in one of those rare moments during one of my shifts.” It’s succinct, relatable and likely to spring to mind next time you encounter one yourself.

Self-recorded at Oliver Dibley’s home studio in Rozelle, the track brings with it a real DIY feel. Much in the same vein, the accompanying video for ‘Fuckwit’ is every bit as raw and endearing. Shot and directed by Jordan Shanks (aka Friendlyjordies), the clip covers some serious ground – burgers, backyards and aliens. “In true Forest Hall style it was very off the cuff - a lot of improvised ideas, shot on our mate Jordan’s Sony handy cam at our house in Lithgow… I feel like it’s a great snapshot of the lower Blue Mountains and would make for a great ad campaign for the greater Central-West area (Mountains council hit us up). It was shot/directed by our good mate Jordan of Friendly Jordies fame (who also has little cameo) in half a day, edited by the very talented Matt Iredale.” Both the track and the video are a lived journey that should help to suppress the fuckwit in everyone.

Forest Hall play Yulli’s Brewery on July 5th with Mac the Knife. Their Eternal Bummer EP is set for release (very) soon via Psyched As. Until then, step into Forest Hall’s wild and wonderful world below.

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