VIDEO PREMIERE: Amarina Waters Shares Charming New Video For 'Kicking Around'

AMARINA WATERS by Al Parkinson.

AMARINA WATERS by Al Parkinson.

Melbourne artist Amarina Waters will put you at ease with her captivating folk-rock sound. Centred around delicate but powerful vocals, the overall mood is a big nod to human imperfection and the beauty that comes with owning exactly that. Today, we’re very pleased to be premiering the fresh new video for ‘Kicking Around’.

The track is the first single from her forthcoming debut album, which was recorded in New Zealand with producer Ben Edwards (Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding, Julia Jacklin). It’s a gorgeous first glimpse of what’s to come – a vulnerable yet resolved approach that feels hopeful in every moment.

Waters said of the track, “Kicking Around came out of a romantic ‘near miss’; one of those moments where you feel close to that sweet, intoxicating suggestion of love, but then it doesn’t quite materialise. I wrote it as a way of trying to understand what had happened, and why it hadn’t worked out… What if, instead of feeling we’ve failed when things don’t happen how we would have liked, we let ourselves make whatever choices we make without judgement? What if all the beauty lies in the mistakes? I wanted to try letting myself just get it wrong for a while; embrace the imperfection of myself and of life and see if in doing this I could get closer to who I am and how I want my life to feel.”

The new single comes with an endearing, light-hearted video too. Directed by the brilliant Nick Mckk, the clip reflects that signature lush Australiana touch that he’s so beautifully mastered. Built around the idea of an individual trying to embrace every facet of themselves, it sends an important message that most could relate to. “Working with Nick and the whole cast was very fluid, fun, and truly so special to me. Although we had a plot outline, it's the incidental things which came out of each personality, and Nick’s amazing eye for catching that, which give the story it’s depth and warmth, and speak of the playful intention of the song. It also accidentally became this grand love story between Katie's character and I, which I honestly could not be more chuffed about."

Revel in the beauty below. Amarina Waters officially launches her new single at The Old Bar on August 1st, with support from Eaglemont and Grand Pine. You can get your tickets here.

Please also check out some delightful behind the scenes action below.


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