VIDEO PREMIERE: Hearts and Rockets Cut Through In New Clip For 'Feelings'



If you’re after a healthy emotional release to kick start your week, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re talking all things ‘Feelings’ with Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt - aka Melbourne duo Hearts and Rockets. It’s yet another infectious, no nonsense post-punk delivery from the band and we’re delighted to be premiering their new video.

Taken from their forthcoming LP Power, their latest track is a short burst of unapologetic rock, clocking in at just 99 seconds. There’s a real beauty to the chaos on this one; a DIY animated collage dreamed up by lead singer Kalindy Williams. “I set myself the creative task of making a collage a day for a week and loved the process. I thought I could do more with it, and after already making some cut paper videos I thought I should combine the two and make a video with both! The energy of the song perfectly suits the stilted and frenetic rhythm of stop motion.”  

The underlying anxiousness of the song is directly reflected by the speedy visuals; a narrative of unrest that details the state of mind of a generation. While the gritty bassline and pacing drum-machines appear to be dark, the empowered punk vocals and constant groove offer an illuminating message – a clarity and strength that comes with knowing you’re not alone.

Williams said of the track, “Sometimes feelings just come on, out of nowhere, and there’s not much you can do about it! And that’s OK - it’s OK to talk about it, and sing about it, and complain about stuff and just. have. feelings. People get embarrassed about it, but everyone has those private moments alone where they think they’re the only ones going through something and it’s so often not the case. Let’s share more about this and create space to talk freely about them - good and bad! You have to live through them, you don’t have to feel like you’re doing it alone.” 

A powerful message, delivered with confidence. The band also have some exciting new tour dates coming up, kicking off with their Melbourne album launch show (dreamy line up) at The Old Bar in September & support slots with Rocket Science too. Full details below:

Friday 13th September, The Old Bar, Melbourne w/ Terry, V, Slush and Loveboner 

Friday 20th September, Crowbar, Sydney, supporting Rocket Science 

Saturday 21st September, Servo Food Truck Bar, Port Kembla, supporting Rocket Science

Saturday 28th September, Sonic Sherpa, Brisbane, All ages in store 

Saturday 2nd November, The Golden Wattle, Adelaide  

Power is set for release August 23rd via Psychic Hysteria. Until then, feast your eyes below.