PREMIERE: Charlie Finn Delivers Heartfelt New Single ‘Going Blind’ Feat. Lola Scott

CHARLIE FINN by Arlo Pyne.

CHARLIE FINN by Arlo Pyne.

Today we’re delighted to be delivering this double whammy – the premiere of Charlie Finn’s second single ‘Going Blind’ and a Rendezvous interview to boot. With the Ohio-born artists debut single, 'Picking Up The Pieces' clocking up almost 30k streams in just over a month, it’s clear the world is ready for the second instalment of his stunning, American-inspired rock sounds.

Entering a little further into the country realm on his latest track, guitars slide and harmonicas howl as Finn delivers a beautifully-layered, honest love song. Lyrically it doesn’t hold back; a complex story of whirlwind love, detailed by two very raw vocalists. Sydney pop artist Lola Scott’s honey-soaked vocals deepen the mood, while close friend Mikhail Hofmann delivers all the right textures on guitar duties. It’s effortless, authentic and a total heartbreaker. We caught up with Charlie Finn to chat about his new single, making music in Australia and most importantly, how he fares on the dance floor.

Please press play below to enjoy your very first listen of ‘Going Blind’.

Your new single ‘Going Blind’ is a real heartbreaker. What’s the song is about?

Going Blind basically tells the story of two people meeting, falling for each other very quickly, and then having an internal struggle with whether or not it’s the right thing, or the “real thing”. It shows the girl (sang by Lola Scott) battling with her feelings about not wanting to be in love or be in a relationship but having a hard time denying the connection. At the same time, the guy is saying he has all of these feelings but can’t quite tell if the girl feels the same way, so he decides to try his luck anyways and go blindly into the feelings he has. 


Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for ‘Going Blind’?

This was the first of four songs Tim McArtney and I recorded together at Pale Blue Dot Studios. We recorded the majority of the song in just one session over about 13 hours. We later went back and added some finishing touches before getting it mastered by George Georgiadis. Unlike “Picking Up The Pieces” I had a couple of friends play on this track. My good friend Mikhail Hoffman played electric guitar, including the guitar solo, and another close friend, Lola Scott, lent us her talents for the second half of the song. Having Lola Scott sing with me was not originally planned, but happened spontaneously one day in the studio when I had gone in to re-track the vocals for Going Blind and she happened to be there as well. 


What does the general Charlie Finn creative process look like?

Up until this point most of my songs have been written in my bedroom with my acoustic guitar and a notebook. A lot of times I’ll start with an idea I had earlier that day, or I’ll try to bring an old idea back to life. I’ve always liked writing this way because it’s a good way to write honestly and not worry about other people around you taking the sound or the content in a different direction. However, I’d love to experiment with writing as a band more as time goes on to see what comes out. 


What’s it like making music in Australia as compared to back home in USA?

I grew up in a pretty small town in Ohio with not much to do, so most of us ended up playing music and starting bands. Mostly terrible metalcore bands. But because of that, there was a great music scene in the town, and most of my experience with making music took place in that scene. Nobody was trying to make it big and we didn’t care how many people were at a gig, we just wanted to have fun. My experience with making music in Australia has been different, but probably mostly because I’m older now. I really like to try to hold onto those values I had when I was making music back in Mansfield, Ohio, and keep a good community of musicians around me who are in it for the right reasons. 


There’s a strong Americana/almost country vibe to your music. How has America influenced your sound?

I honestly hated country music when I was growing up, mostly because it was all you ever heard anywhere you went, and all I wanted to listen to was Underoath. It wasn’t until after I moved to Australia that I started to get into Americana and Country. I think I liked the nostalgic feelings it gave me. When I first started writing songs for this project my biggest influences were Tom Petty and Jason Isbell. I loved Petty’s instrumentation and chord progressions, and Jason Isbell’s raw emotional sad boy Americana style. So being away from America is what actually influenced my sound the most.  


You speak about being homesick on your single ‘Picking Up The Pieces’. Living overseas generally brings with it waves of missing home. Do you feel like Australia is home to you now?

Those feelings of homesickness definitely do come in waves, and sometimes you really feel it. I’ve lived over here for over six years now, so there is a lot about Australia that is home to me. But a part of me will always call America home. I like to think a lot about the concept of home and what makes a location feel like home. To me, at times where I’ve felt especially displaced it has been the people around me that make me feel like home. So, I think I could go just about anywhere with the right people and have a home there. 


Your lyrics are quite raw and honest. Do you ever feel vulnerable when writing or performing?

I rarely feel vulnerable when I’m writing a song because I’m already in that headspace, but it’s not usually until I actually perform a song that I realise how personal I’m being. But that’s the beauty of music for me. It’s the best way to really lay out how you feel about something or someone and communicate it in a way that can really connect with people. I’m always surprised when people tell me how much a song means to them because they were able to relate to it, even though I totally wrote it about something that happened to me or something I was feeling. 


What do you want people to feel when they walk away from a Charlie Finn show?

You wouldn’t guess it from my songs, but I love to see people leave feeling happy. The content in the songs might be on the sad side of things, but I love to have a good time when I’m playing and it’s never a sombre sort of atmosphere. I would hope that people can walk away from one of my gigs feeling like they just had a great chat with a good friend.  

Who are some local Aussie artists that you’re listening to at the moment?

I’m a big fan of The Morrisons, The Sweet Jelly Rolls, Pan-Pacific Grand Prix, Pleasure Coma, and of course, Lola Scott. 


What’s on the to do list for the rest of 2019. Can we expect more new music?

There is definitely more music to come very soon which I’m very excited about. A whole bunch of gigs and getting back into the studio to start work on a full length with Tim McArtney. 


Finally, you obviously have an ear for music, how do you go on the dance floor?

I’m certainly no stranger to the dance floor, and have definitely been known to showcase my moves late on a Saturday night at The Vic. I really hope to see more Charlie Finn DJ sets in the future, that’s where the vulnerability and raw emotion really come out.


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Sunday 1st September, King Street Crawl, Sydney

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