PREMIERE: Nick Griffith Goes Wild In The French Countryside On Debut Single ‘Back and Forth’



Illawarra-based artist Nick Griffith (fka Bourgeois Earth) has delivered a frantically fresh dose of DIY electro-pop to get you in the mood. Built on rapid drum machines, sharp synth and unexpectedly precious vocals – it’s a powerful debut and we’re very pleased to be giving the video for ‘Back and Forth’ it’s very first watch.

No stranger to the Sydney music scene, Griffith has also played in various bands including Big White, Bored Shorts and Dream Dog. While the speed dial gets turned up a few notches on his latest endeavour, the lo-fi approach still shines through. Griffith said of the track, “Back and Forth was recorded in my bedroom with absolutely no money or good gear. I used a bunch of retro drum and synth samples from instruments like the LinnDrum and the Fairlight CMI, and recorded vocals through a second hand Singstar (from PlayStation 2) microphone - which I found in an op shop which has a USB output.” It’s a distorted and playful affair that sounds totally unique.

Originally written in 2015, the track was recently re-worked into a disorientating yet infectious number. One moment you’ll be tempted to drift away to Griffith’s angelic vocals, then suddenly the instrumentals take hold and you’re thrust straight back into the chaos of it all; constantly switching directions, much like the title suggests. For all the toing and froing, you somehow come out the other end totally refreshed.

The new single also comes with an exotic new clip too. Co-directed by Body Type’s Sophie McComish, the video takes us on a frenzied foray into the French countryside. Busting out all the moves, Griffith immerses himself in nature – assumedly seeking clarity for his confused state of mind. “We filmed this video in the French countryside near Amiens. The environment had a bizarre and unfamiliar isolation which we tried to use to our advantage to create feelings of confusion and disorientation. Co-director and cinematographer Sophie McComish came up with great directions on the spot, asking me to run frantically through the forest, struggle with the map and best of all, act as if I were being pulled back and forth by two imaginary parties. Perhaps in this moment we invented a new fashionable dance move? Only time will tell.” If the moves don’t stick, the song certainly will. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The excellent ‘Back and Forth’ is out now via Dinosaur City Records. Feast your eyes (and ears) below and keep an eye out for live dates coming very soon.