VIDEO PREMIERE: GONZO Recall 80s Horror On New Clip For ‘Videodrome’

GONZO by Jennifer May.

GONZO by Jennifer May.

Geelong quartet Gonzo constantly gravitate towards the bizarre. You might even say they thrive on the unusual - a theme that provides a solid foundation for their far-out punk genius. Speaking of, today we’re very pleased to be premiering the band’s second collaboration with Melbourne-based filmmaker Guy Tyzack. This time, it’s the crazed new clip for ‘Videodrome’ starring none other than Billy Twyford, the young and energised frontman of Melbourne punk outfit Disco Junk.

Taken from their sophomore LP Do It Better Again released earlier this year, ‘Videdrome’ is one of many fuzzed-up belters off the record. Lead vocalist Jack Kong said of the track, “The song is about looking into someone else’s life through the lens of their phone, from the comfort of your own device and experiencing a feeling of unease about it. It’s also about the type of material people choose to display about themselves and questioning to what extent you actually know an individual based on the information they choose to expose.” Welcome to the psychological social media spiral of 2019. Or, try rewinding thirty-or-so years to the 1980s work of ‘body horror’ film king, David Crononberg.

Gonzo’s latest clip is directly influenced by filmmaker Crononberg and his purposefully grotesque on-screen violation of the body via the mind. More precisely, the interplay between the physical and psychological aspects of horror. And in this particular interpretation, some added humour too. The video explores societal behaviours and the often-obsessive use of social media - with Billy Twyford nailing the role of master controller. “The video was shot in one day and all of the interactions, aside from those between Billy and GONZO, were unscripted. Guy Tyzack had a clear vision for the types of shots he wanted to use to present the idea of a multi-dimensional world of screens that is highly decoded and broadcasted on a daily basis.” A special shout out to the reaction at 3:05.

If you’d like to increase your screen time today by watching something useful, then please press play below. The brilliant Do It Better Again LP is out now via Anti-Fade.

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