PREMIERE: Polarize Cement Their Breezy Psych Sound On New Single 'Take A Step Back'

POLARIZE by Jamie Marceti.

POLARIZE by Jamie Marceti.

Melbourne psych-pop outfit Polarize create sun-drenched rock tunes that are guaranteed to lift your mood. Built on glittering guitars, warm melodies and the slickest of vocals – it’s a nice little reminder for us all to sit back, relax and know that summer is on its way. With that in mind, today we’re delighted to be premiering their brand new single.

‘Take A Step Back’ is the second single from the band this year, following on from the similarly feel good number, ‘Late Nights’ released in April. While profoundly pop in approach, lyrically there’s a depth and authenticity that shines through. Lead vocalist Rudie Dodd said of the track, “The lyrical theme is about trying not to overthink your actions, to 'take a step back' in a metaphorical sense - from your own head. That’s what I was trying to get at in the chorus of the song, and give the language a little more colour in the verses. I’m basically talking to myself rather than anyone else, because I probably spend too much time in my own head. But hopefully it’s not too specific so that people can find their own meaning behind it.” Refreshing on various levels.

With such a well-layered sound, new instrumental intricacies appear with every listen. Every guitar effect and synth detail has been carefully considered, yet the final product still manages to position itself as sunny and carefree. Most of ‘Take A Step Back’ was tracked at Dodd’s house in Coburg, before heading to The Aviary in Abbotsford to track the drums with their friend George Carpenter. “I had the initial bass line you hear at the start of the song kicking around for ages, but it took a while for the rest of song to come together. It wasn't until I found a chorus melody reminiscent of New Order that that I felt like it was done. Finally, I spent some time with my Dad (Simon Dodd) in England recently, to re-track vocals and he mixed it.” The band slow things down a notch on some of their earlier tracks, but for now, it’s full steam ahead.

Take some Polarize wisdom into your weekend, get out of your head and into this song. They officially launch their new single at The Grace Darling in Melbourne on Friday 30th August, with support from The Vacant Smiles and Amarina Waters. Unitl then, you can drift away to the below.

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