VIDEO PREMIERE: Wake Up With The Vacant Smiles On New Clip For ‘So Tired Of Sleeping In’



After taking a short break, Melbourne four-piece The Vacant Smiles have returned with a wonderfully trippy new video. They’ve still been playing local shows and gracing audiences with their infectious 60s inspired garage-psych sounds, but today they officially re-enter, and we’re delighted to be kicking things back into action with the premiere.

‘So Tired Of Sleeping In’ was actually released last year, the lead single from what was supposed to be their third album. Busy with other commitments, TVS decided to put album number three on hold. The best bit, they then decided to write and record a brand-new album, Goodwill in just 27 days and release it in its place. That means ‘So Tired Of Sleeping In’ is now in fact the lead single from their forthcoming fourth LP, which the band insists will be released later this year. A lot to digest (we know) but important for context, okay.

While they might not have gained your trust when it comes to timelines, they’ll certainly capture your minds with this charming, carefree surf-rock number. The glittering guitars bring about a comforting feeling of nostalgia, and simultaneously an instant yearning for summer. It’s warm, melodic and completely down to earth. Lead vocalist James Lynch said of the track, “So Tired of Sleeping In is just a song about getting older and being indecisive about what you want to do with your maturity I suppose. It was written a pretty long time ago though, so I’m not even sure if that’s what I was thinking at the time - it’s a bit nonsensical at parts too, so maybe I’m just thinking that now.”

Directed by Billie Crombie, their latest clip offers us a glimpse into the band’s laidback, lo-fi world. Think VB, sausage rolls and adults on slippery dips – all of the essentials for a successful day out. It also provides some context for their questioning of age and time, a theme that ultimately doesn’t seem to worry them too much at all. “Our buddy Billy Crombie helped us make this clip, and I think we were rushing to get it together, so instead of having a real idea, Billy just let us borrow one of his cameras and we just filmed whatever we wanted to for a few days. Pretty early on I thought we’d blown it, because the stuff we filmed wasn’t all that interesting to watch, but somehow Billy managed to make it fun. Anyway, the irony of it all is that just after Billy sent us the final edits of the clip, we decided to put the album this song features on, on hold and recorded a new one instead, so that might explain why we’re all a year younger in the vid.” Time is certainly not of the essence here, and nor should it be.

The Vacant Smiles might be delayed in delivering their feel-good garage rock, but rest assured, it’s going to be well worth the wait. They play The Grace Darling this Friday 30th August with Polarize and Amarina Waters. Get yourselves a ticket for some good old fashioned, fuzzed-up fun.

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