PREMIERE: Sydney's Noodle House Deliver The Charm On New Single ‘One Day (I’ll See)’

NOODLE HOUSE by Haydon Fanning.

NOODLE HOUSE by Haydon Fanning.

Sydney’s Noodle House create tender rock music, drenched in warmth and vintage authenticity. Think early 1970’s with a twist of psychedelia and a decent touch of home-grown charm. What started as a solo-project by lead-singer Jack Kinder is now a fully fleshed out five-piece; just enough bodies to bring their lush sonic textures to life. Needless to say, today we’re very pleased to be premiering their new single ‘One Day (I’ll See)’.

Taken from their split 7” with fellow retro-rockers Sunfruits, it’s a heartfelt throwback to the past. Jangly guitars and well-layered instrumentals set the foundations for a short but sweet love song, with some particularly smooth vocals. Lyrically it’s a mystery, Kinder said of the track, “It's about a fictional, dysfunctional relationship. And a one-sided break up, and not realising at the time but knowing in the end, ultimately, it’s for the best.” Who needs real life heartbreak when Noodle House have dreamed up this relatable faux reality.

While it sounds super crisp, at the heart of it all you can still hear their strong DIY approach. “We record everything in our bedroom and plan to keep it that way! Nothing in my room works like it should, everything I own is slightly broken and I’m always planning on fixing it, but I don’t think I ever will. We’ve tried to go into studios and what not, but I just freeze up. I always get too nervous to ask to do another take. I have enough gear to get by and I’m always hunting down more. We also got Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) to master this track which really beefed it up.” Homemade 70s inspired rock, with just the right amount of flavour to keep those Noodles fresh.

The Noodle House & Sunfruits split 7” is out now via Third Eye Stimuli. Don’t miss them on tour in the coming weeks, full details below. Until then, start your week right and drift away to this beauty.

Friday 9th August, Rathdowne Records, Melbourne w/ Sunfruits

Saturday 10th August, The Old Bar, Melbourne w/ Sunfruits, Hannah Blackburn, Kosmetika & DJ Jam Ringo

Friday 16th August, The Lansdowne (Graveyard Shift) w/ Sunfruits, Third Eye Stimuli DJs

Saturday 17th August, Franks Wild Years w/ Sunfruits, Third Eye Stimuli DJs