DEBRIEF: Day Three, Bigsound 2019



This Day Three wrap is slightly delayed, but better late than never! It’s overwhelming how much great music you can see in such a short period of time at Bigsound. It’s one large blur of brilliant performances that somehow just keep getting better. Whilst everyone is hungover and tired, the band’s continually dig deep for stamina and nail it every time. Here’s how Day Three went down.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paigge Warton

WORDS: Kylie O’Connell



Kicking off at The Tivoli, it was an emotional start to the evening. Elizabeth and her band played a particularly powerful set that should have really come with a trigger warning. Her vocal fragility and raw songwriting ability so easily connects – sonically it’s almost angelic. But there’s attitude in there too, and a whole lot of personality on stage. *Files in break-up playlist*

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The energy in the room for Gordon Koang’s final show at The Zoo was magical. It was a full dance floor of bodies who were unable to resist the groove. Backed by Melbourne band Good Morning, the African bass lines and hopeful lyrics sent a message of ‘love, peace and unity’. What an honour it is to have access to this music, a venture made possible by Music In Exile who are helping to break down barriers the Aus music industry.

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Next up it was a quick dash across to The Empire Hotel to catch the last few songs of Sydney-based songwriter, Ainsley Farrell. Again, also a very busy room, everyone was cruising away to her laidback folk-rock. I had only seen her play solo before, so playing with a full band allowed for her gorgeous vocals to be transported that little bit further - excited to see what’s next for Farrell.

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Next up it was Fan Girl at The Outpost, a band who sure as hell know how to work a room. Their pop-rock is high energy and upbeat, with frontman Noah Harris manoeuvring the stage at all times. There’s moments of chill, but for the most part the band are delivering tight indie-rock that’s reminiscent of early 2000s. If you’re after some good old fashioned fun then this one is for you.

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Perth four-piece Dulcie delivered their sweet pop-rock to a full room at The Family - a large room to fill when there’s so many other bands playing. Their infectious, positive energy is easily conveyed via their soulful sounds. With each member on vocal duties, it’s a dynamic live show that taps into the surf-driven, breezy pop that is coming out of Australia at the moment. Harmonies galore.

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Can we all please take a moment to appreciate the talent that is P-UniQue. The energy at her show was so powerful. The rapper delivers her raw lyrics with total ease, fully empowered in her rhyme. Her irresistible charisma meant she was able to get the whole crowd moving and singing along too. Easily a highlight of the week.

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Ah, Mojo Juju. What an act to finish on. It’s been a massive year for Mojo Juju and you could see the confidence shine through in her performance. The powerful vocals and completely captivating songwriting ability, means you hold on to every single word. With her brother on drums, there was some fun banter thrown around too, which made you love them even more. This performance felt like a warm conversation - an openness that you know is stimulating change. All hail Mojo Juju.

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