RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With These New South Wales



These New South Wales may have built their musical brand around humour, but their actual sound is anything but funny. They play sharp punk-rock and perform an intense live show that’ll quite literally blow you away. Above all, it’s full of melodic madness and permits a very good time for the listener. Last week TNSW released their brand new single ‘In The Light Of Day’ - another fast-paced, swift belter. We had a quick catch up with the band to chat about their new track, modest dance skills and more.

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First up, can you tell us a bit about your new track 'In The Light Of Day'? 

Well, it’s probably the sunniest sounding song we’ve ever written. We really like it for that reason. It was a hard song to name as well. Had a couple before we landed on that one. At one point it was called “The Ballad of W. Horse”. Bad name, probably. 

What's everyone's role in the band? Feel free to overshare. 

Our new drummer (and long time friend), Frank, enjoys booking the flights. At one point he had a travel agent business, of which he was the Chief Trajectory Executive, called “First Stop, Frank”. The tagline was “with over four satisfied customers.” When, much to his dismay, he worked out that his customers were also interested in booking accommodation along with their flights, he updated the tagline to “First Stop, Frank—with over four satisfied customers—now reluctantly booking accommodation”. Will writes the set lists—he’s got a printer at work. Todd does the merch and a lot of other shit behind the scenes. I just make sure we get to the airport early enough to enjoy some time in the lounge. It’s the only time in our life we get to feel rich. 

Who's genuinely the funniest?

We laugh so much together. It’s a very fun band to be in. I’m the funniest.

On a more serious musical note - what does the general These New South Whales creative process look like? Who writes the songs?

Generally speaking we just stand in a room playing our instruments until someone hits upon something that has a vibe—then we chase that idea to its natural conclusion. A few of the songs on this record were written before hand at home and brought to the group to flesh out. Good to change it up a bit. Sometimes we start with a song title or whatever.

What's one of the weirdest instruments or techniques you used on your new album?

It’s not really weird but certainly new for us to use a drum machine and a bit of synth on this record. We used piano on one of the interludes too which is a first for us. 

Obviously there's a huge comedic element to this project, but do you ever think 'fuck this song is too good, how can we still keep taking the piss'. Or is that the whole point? To be making really great tunes and taking the piss out of the process? 

We want to make good music. We aren’t trying to take the piss when it comes to songwriting.

If you had to define your band ethos in one sentence, what would it be? Aka what does god tell you all to do?

God tells us to create freely and not worry our little ant heads too much over the outcome. 

What do you want people to feel when they walk away from a TNSW gig? 

We want people to walk away from our shows feeling invigorated, energised and inspired. We want people to feel like they are accepted and safe to be themselves. 

Who are some local artists that you're listening to at the moment?

Jonathan Boulet from ARSE produced our latest record. We’re fans of them. We also love Rebel Yell who we took on tour last year. 

Finally, you obviously have an ear for music. How do you go on the dance floor?

You’ll never see Todd dance, I know that much. Very occasionally he does this move with his forearms where it looks like he’s revving a little motorcycle. I’m a really good dancer, though. My Mum was a pro dancer and more recently, Australian Latin Dancesport Champion for 3 years running (2013-2015) so I get it from her, I think. Don’t do it often though - more just around the house or in the shower. 

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