DEBRIEF: Day One, Bigsound 2019

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Night number one of Bigsound is complete, and if that’s only the beginning then we are in for a real treat this week. Last night the goal was to see as many bands we haven’t seen before, with the exception of a few old favourites. It was a beautifully balmy evening of music, with some impressive performances across the board.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paigge Warton

WORDS: Kylie O’Connell


Landing just in time to catch Sydney’s Gauci at the Unofficial Our Golden Friend showcase, the day started with a bang. The trio bought their effortless electronic vibes, with lead singer Antonia Gauci’s beautiful vocals leading the way. It’s a great on-stage dynamic, with sounds fit for a 3pm afternoon chill zone, or a 3am dance floor session alike.

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Next up was Ryan Fennis, with his dreamy soundscapes that saw his eastern style guitar flow above down tempo electronica. An unusual and unlikely combination that really works. Not to mention his honey-soaked vocals – it’s as though we were in his bedroom watching him experiment.

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With the hype around 18-year-old Stevan, we weren’t shocked to walk into a completely packed out venue at Ric’s Big Backyard. There’s an air of confidence around this guy that is infectious – you can see how much he is enjoying being up on stage. He’s jazzy, joyous and incredibly cool. Look out world, Stevan is coming for you.

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Not knowing too much about Darvid Thor, we stuck to the goal of the evening and chose this one, having not seen him before. Little did we know it would be the highlight of the night. Darvid Thor and his band play the tightest of bedroom pop. Honest, playful vocals and a beautiful storytelling ability combined with jaggedly warm instrumentals – actual heaven.

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Already feeling warm and fuzzy, we jumped over the road back to Ric’s to see Miiesha. Ooft, that voice - a vocal tone to die for. Miiesha won the crowd over with ease, delivering her stunning soulful sounds with a message. Hailing from Woorabinda, an Aboriginal community in Central Queensland, she stood proud and we stood in awe. Can’t wait to hear more.

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Squeezing in all we could on the hectic schedule, it was off to see Sydney producer Milan Ring and her captivating RnB. It was a full house, with a huge wall of visuals towering behind her. Smooth vocals, relaxed beats and a big future ahead.

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Another band living up to the hype is Melbourne’s Pinch Points. The post-punk four-piece have a relaxed demeanour on-stage, but their music is anything but. Their frantic approach is delivered with complete precision - super tight and super engaging. The crowd had no choice but to move.

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Finally it was back to Family to see Perth rockers Butter. The six-piece create jazz-infused rock packed with a punch. It’s hard not to liken the vocals to King Krule, a deep and empowered voice that hooks you in. Then there’s the trumpet, the sax - it was just one big party. Hats off.

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