DEBRIEF: Day Two, Bigsound 2019

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paigge Warton

WORDS: Kylie O’Connell


First up it was the Trouble Juice x Baked Goods Unofficial showcase, which to be fair, is one of the best line ups of the week. Catching Johnny Hunter in such an intimate space meant things were bound to get wild. Their 80s inspired glam-rock is unique, theatrical and one hell of a live show.

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As soon as First Beige took to the stage, you knew it was time to party. The six-piece don’t mess around – bongos, synth, driving bass and of course, don’t forget the triangle. There’s an air of playful confidence that really draws you in. Judging by the movement in the crowd, everyone is in favour of their funk.

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We walked into Ric’s Backyard for CHAII’s set one song late. Which was quite a mood to walk into really because the audience was already under completely captivated by the CHAII charm. Her lyrical delivery was bursting with attitude and the performance was too. It was upbeat, expressive and god damn fun.

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 Sydney rockers 100 did not hold back last night, the power of their set left the audience feeling sweaty and energised. Their dynamic, fuzz-driven performance saw three of four members take on vocal duties, each bringing with them a different sense of urgency. Hot tip: bring your ear plugs, they like things loud.

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Ah, that feeling when the band you’re most looking forward to surpasses all expectations. With seven members, there’s so much to enjoy. There’s a peaceful element to the swirling Indigenous soundscapes, but the overall pace is perfect for the dancefloor. One minute you’re swept away by the beauty of the vocals, the next overwhelmed by the ease of the groove.

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Time to hit FRITZ’ midnight set for the I Oh You party. While her sweet pop sounds are chill and effortless, there’s a lot to get moving to as well. Seeing her live with a full band really turned things up a notch, the energy was high, and they didn’t miss a beat.

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