Jay Watson of Tame Impala has released another taste of what’s to come from his new solo project GUM - please see above. Now please look below - fellow bandmate from Pond, Joseph Ryan, has also provided us with a track from his forthcoming solo LP as SHINY JOE RYAN.

The catch? They’ve made the decision to release their solo albums at exactly the same time. GUM’s track Growin’ Up is driven by the beautiful tone of Watson’s voice; mystical psych-pop with enough room for some heavier guitar fuzz.

Attempting to explain Shiny Joe Ryan’s track in a different manner is difficult as it shares the same overall elements. However, The Cosmic Microwave Background does maintain a more grounded vintage sound with its slower tempo and calming piano.

You’ll have to listen to them both to realise that although similar, they are very different. If anything, GUM is more to the future, and Shiny Joe Ryan to the past.

For an idea that’s likely to have come about a few beers down, it adds an entertaining element of frivolity that makes you want to listen even more. Tame Impala have a huge global following and those fans are all going to want to hear what their man Jay is up against. It’s genius.