It’s safe to say most people are pretty open to the intense vocals of Nathan Willet (CWK). Personally, if there was one album to be left on repeat for the remainder of my life - Loyalty to Loyalty would be a strong contender.

Knowing the above, you won’t be surprised to hear that we are pretty excited about the news of his latest side project, French Style Furs. In collaboration with Matt Maust (fellow Cold War Kid) and Nathan Warkentin (We Barbarians), this endeavour is drenched in a level of professionalism that you can most certainly trust. Side projects from well accomplished musicians are exciting. With more experience and little hesitation to take risks, this is a step in a fresh new direction - percussion plus.

Inspired by the poetry of Thomas Merton, what we’ve heard so far is a creative bout of noise dripping in articulate meaning. Their LP ‘Is Exotic Bait’ is set for release on July 8th via Frenchkiss Records.