Musical precision isn’t always the number one priority on a Monday night. Sometimes you’re just after some solid entertainment. That’s what we got last night when Vermont’s Happy Jawbone Family Band played a free show at The Shacklewell Arms.

It was fun. Actually, it was really fun. These guys are so down to earth yet so off with the fairies all at the same time. Having ‘lost the setlist’ they had the crowd moving for over an hour with their excellent ‘junkie-pop’. That’s a term they coined themselves by the way and it’s - “Not because we’re junkies, that’s just the kind of music we play.”

With two members in control of percussion (drums, maracas, metal etc), one taking care of some mystical guitar, a stern but talented bassist and the funniest frontman we’ve ever seen – they sure know how to rock and roll. Producing an overall jambled sound, the consciously off-tone instrumentals were balanced out by sweet back up vocals from the pretty voice on percussion. They simply can’t be likened to anyone else – unless we use fifteen different bands and mash them together to create that very example.

It’s definitely an experience when you’re not sure whether you’ve just seen a band or a stand up comedy act; your cheeks hurt from laughing but your ears are doing just fine. We highly recommend you check these guys out when they’re next in town. Until then, get happy to this: