HOLY WAVE - LONDON - 05.02.14

Wednesday night at The Shacklewell Arms was one hell of a ride. Texan five-piece Holy Wave had no issue capturing the entire room with their all-consuming psych rock.

They released their second LP ‘Relax’ late last month, and if the title is anything to go by, they remained true to their word. The steady drum beat kept you upright throughout while the droning vocals made you want to melt.

Not limited to one instrument, there were at least three members that took to the bass guitar before the set was even halfway through. This, mixed in with the short yet sharp songs kept energy levels high from beginning to end. Yes, that means 4/5 members play bass, keys and guitar (and the drummer plays bass too). There’s something impressive about a rotating stage dynamic - maybe just the fact that it’s not all that common.

The heavy guitar hooks were just as smooth as their instrumental transitions. But it was their speedy jams that had the audience continuously nodding in approval.

As the end drew closer, composure ceased to exist. Yelling for more, the audience got what they wanted. Two extra songs AND a cover - Foggy Notion by The Velvet Underground.

That was it - disorderly behaviour began as the crowd made way for the old 'up on shoulders’ dance; pushing and jumping their way around the room to one very groovy beat.

With that level of depth, it’s a wave we’d like to ride again.