Calvin Love - ‘Daydream’

Monday’s are mundane, there’s no denying it. Whether it be from a heavy weekend, or a busy week - everyone needs a little love on a Monday. Today it comes in the form of one sweet hypnotic ‘Daydream’.

Calvin Love’s 'Cool’ was one of my favourite songs in 2014 and this one is definitely on par. 'Daydream’ is drenched in warmth. The ease of the bass and repetitive drums suck you in with their uplifting glisten. The reverb on the vocals spin at you as you sit and forget that it’s Monday after all; daydreaming to a beautiful ecclectic sound that you don’t want to end. Spacey and therapeutic all at once.

Unfortunately it does end, but this is three minutes that you won’t regret allocating to Edmonton Alberta’s, Calvin Love. He’s just signed to Arts & Crafts who will be releasing his new album in 2015.

Dig in and have a good week.

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