We all know him as one of the most flamboyant frontmen about town. Charismatic, confident and creative - Nicholas Allbrook is seriously unique. The most intriguing part is he makes it look like he doesn’t give a shit. Whether he does or not is irrelevant, all we care about is that he keeps on spreading his contagious carefree energy around the world.

Spinning Top Music have just shared the first track from Nicholas Allbrook’s debut solo album - Wallis, Ganough & Fatuna due out September 5. It’s called ‘Whispers Of Beauty’ and it’s one dreamy hit of scattered noise. Allbrook’s powerful vocals are the driving factor as they build into a monstrous chorus. The irregular jams and spacey synth present a level of strain that somehow manages to refreshingly uplift rather than bring you down.

Have a listen below: