PLAYLIST: Leadin’ Ladies

This week we put together a playlist for all occasions. Filled with some of the best female talent floating around at the moment, it’s a mix of gritty guitar, sultry vocals, atmospheric beats, sass, and pure lyrical conviction. 

There’s a few old favourites in there aka Warpaint and Angel Olsen, both with new releases and the ability to do no wrong. There’s several emerging Australian artists who have huge potential including Julia Jacklin (who’s already smashing it on an international scale), Gabriella Cohen, BUOY, and bands feat. glorious female vocals Major Leagues and Morning TV. Then there’s the unique sounds of Dream Wife (see photo above), ultimate lady crush Miya Folick and many more.

There’s a few badass boys floating around throughout - but it’s more about hearing the world from a ladies point of view.

How lovely. Listen below.

Deafen County