ROYAL BLOOD - EUROSONIC - Vera, Groningen - 15.01.14

Eurosonic is widely known as the SXSW of Europe. Industry laggers swarm into Groningen, residing on the Boatels and talking mindless shit to their own kind. For bands and artists, it’s a great opportunity to showcase their talent to a wide spectrum of European promoters, bloggers, labels and the like. One such band that had an anticipated arrival was that of Royal Blood.

Having already been tipped in the majority of ‘New for 2014’ polls, Royal Blood took to the stage late into the evening at a packed out Vera. The Dutch crowds are known to be rather stoic, but not tonight. From the word go the two-piece thrash into their epic opener 'Hole’. Ben Thatcher’s drums take an absolute pounding whilst Mike Kerr’s bass doubles up as a guitar being rammed through three amps. The noise is something else - yet it’s still well constructed noise. Recent B-side 'Come On Over’ demonstrates the quality of the songwriting. THIS IS NOT A B-SIDE.

A definite hit of the forthcoming summer festivals, 'Figure It Out’ is quite frankly one of the best songs we’ve heard in recent years. Ending on the song people are most familiar with, 'Out Of The Black’ is tight, barbaric, rock and roll. Thatcher loses a stick, Kerr marvels with his pedals, and as it rises to its peak, it comes crashing back down in an apocalyptic ending. The duo left the baying crowd lusting for more and gawping at the stage.

Watch - Royal Blood - Out Of The Black - Live at Eurosonic: