Some bands appear to be a little wise beyond their years, in the best way possible. With an immediate groove, The Circles EP ‘Gonna Get To You’ is one that does exactly what its title suggests.

The title track is a highlight and represents a revival of simple, infectious, Bluesy British rock. ‘Twisted Words’ is a journey in itself; slow shimmering percussion and honest vocals drenched in drone. The other two tracks let us know that these guys have some guts. In all its bouncy bliss, ‘Open Road’ delivers that upbeat summer feeling. Then there’s ‘Nothing Comes That Easy’ which steps away from the laid-back rock vibes and opens us up to a more aggressive form.

Brought to you from Birmingham, these catchy melodies won’t be leaving your mind for a while. Have a listen and let us know if the guitar breathes all sorts of nostalgia for you too.

The Circles have harnessed a blend of grime and pop that should settle well in the brains of many. With only four tracks, it’s a very dynamic debut from a band we’re going to be hearing a lot more of.

'Gonna Get To You’ will be available early June through Skeleton Key Records. Now get a pen, and write that shit down.