Whether it’s timing, talent or both - Brisbane band The Creases have had a lucky run. After being picked up by Rough Trade Records almost overnight, they owe a lot to their simple, catchy and god damn addictive track ‘I Won’t Wait’. With various support slots in Australia and a stint at SXSW, they’ve been living up to the buzz with their live performances. It’s been a whirlwind, but our catch up with Jarrod Mahon assured us that there’s plenty more to come. With the release of their EP fast approaching, you can sit back and relax - the soundtrack to summer is nearly upon us.

How and when did The Creases come about?
Joe and I pretty much met in a ‘battle of the bands’ competition with our other groups early last year and we decided to have a go at writing some songs one day. Joe had already come up with the idea of a band he wanted to start called The Creases. The following week I went over to his place and by that night we had written, recorded and put up a video for our first track 'Fun To Lose’.

There’s a hell of a lot of great music coming out of Brisbane at the moment. Is that an environment you’d like to keep making music in or is there somewhere else you can see yourselves?
Yeah there are some really great bands in Brisbane, and it’s definitely a good environment for creativity. I think if we could see ourselves anywhere else it would be London. We’ve been over a few times now and it seems like it would be a nice place to live and write music.

Rough Trade Records. Deservedly so. How did that scenario take place?
Haha thanks - it definitely wasn’t something we thought would come about, even in our dreams. Joe and I uploaded 'I Won’t Wait’ one night and a week or so later we had received an email from Tom Travis of Rough Trade Records in the UK. Joe called me up really excited and said that he had been researching the name for a couple of hours to see if the email was real or not, he was convinced it wasn’t a hoax or joke and it turned out it wasn’t. A couple of months later we flew over to the UK and signed the single deal with Tom and (father/founder of Rough Trade) Jeff Travis at their office in London.

You share vocals. Do you share writing duties too?
While we were in the UK we ended up getting put on The Jungle Giants national album tour back in Australia and we hadn’t even put together a band let alone a set of songs - so the writing process was pretty rushed when we got home. Some of the songs we play in the set, Joe had written a little while before we had formed the band. I helped him finish them off in the short time we had by adding back up vocals or some kind of outro. The others we had written on our own within the few weeks we had left. We’re looking forward to having some time now to write new material all together as a band.

You seem like you know how to have fun. How was your first SXSW experience?
SXSW was really fun, it was cool seeing some bands play that we had been listening to for a while. Some were even playing the same shows as us. Aimon is the party boy in the band, so most of the time it’s the rest of us trying to match his talent of having a good time. Gabe and I are under 21 though, so for the majority of the time we were trying our best to charm our way into bars and shows.

What artists are you listening to at the moment?
Well SXSW was cool because we got to see a lot of the smaller (and bigger) bands we listen to that never really tour in Australia. Toronto band Alvvays were really amazing, The Garden and Splashh were great to see as well.

It’s nearly summer in the UK. Can we expect some new tracks in time for the (potential) sunshine?
YES! We have a new single we are ready to drop early next month, we shot the music video for it the week before we left for America. Then there’s the EP coming out later in the month (I think) too. Please, just a little longer.

Finally, that wonderful white guitar. Please tell us there’s a story behind it or where it came from?
Joe was really obsessed with Vox Phantom guitars but could never afford a real one, so he bought a one-off replica instead from some guy in Australia on eBay. He tried to paint it black and completely broke it when he was fixing something in it, so it’s out of action at the moment. He actually just got a new Domino Phantom guitar (still can’t afford a real one) for his birthday which was painted all psychedelic with nail polish back in the 60’s. You’ll see it in the new video next month!