“It doesn’t matter how good you are at any facet of music, you’re never going to sing/play it as good as the person who wrote it. Me singing ‘Backwards’ sounds farkin’ terrible.”

It’s no secret that Australian multi-instrumentalist Cam Avery also excels at multi-tasking. Touring the world as part of Tame Impala and Pond, we’re lucky he’s found the time to bring us more brilliance via The Growl. Set for release in the not too distant future, the forthcoming album is glittered by collaborative efforts from a universal pool of talent (including Owen Pallet). Both intrigued and excited to hear the new material, we had a quick catch up with Avery to see how he’s getting on.

Can you tell us a bit about the recording process and who you’ve been working with?

It started it in London a couple of years ago and have been doing it piece by piece when I’ve had time. I did a chunk in LA. One of my closest pals is an incredible musician by the name of Benji Lysaght who I co-wrote a couple songs on the album with. I’ve recorded at Woody Jackson’s studio which is called Vox and he was also a huge help whilst I was there, as well as engineer Michael Harris and drummer Jay Bellerose. There’s some violin and singing from an amazing gal called Odessa Jorgensen and Eric Gorfain and his own personal wrecking crew of string players did all the strings. So it’s been a lot of other players on this album as oppose to mostly me and it’s been really fun. Fuck it’s sounds like I’m accepting and oscar ha!

There seems to be a lot of great music coming out of Brisbane and Perth at the moment. What’s it like making music in Perth?

The same pretty much. I don’t think it’s vastly different from anywhere else as far as writing music. I live overseas now and that has changed my outlook a little but I still did a lot of the album in Perth and I don’t think it’s all that different from other Aussie cities. 

You have a beautiful voice, do you ever feel like it’s strange to hide that in other bands?

No not at all, they aren’t my songs. It doesn’t matter how good you are at any facet of music, you’re never going to sing/play it as good as the person who wrote it. Me singing ‘Backwards’ sounds farkin’ terrible.

‘Dance With Me’ is somewhat dark. Is it a good reflection of the stuff we can expect from your forthcoming album?

Kinda, it’s a very expansive sounding record. I’ve been working with Owen Pallet from Arcade Fire on 8 piece string arrangements and there’s horns and timpani’s etc. Loads of bells and whistles.

Who are some artists that you’re digging at the moment - old and new? 

I heard Angel Olsen for the first time today, she’s just blown my mind and made me extremely jealous at the same time - lots of swag and a pretty breathtaking singer. I like Yeezus and Lana Del Rey. I’ve always dug on anything that Tchad Blake lays his ears on and his band Latin Playboys. Tom Waits, Scott Walker…  

Not that there’s too much left of it - but what’s plans for the rest of 2014? 

Just finishing the record and touring with Tame Impala, that pretty much takes me up until Christmas.