When some bands take to the stage, you take a step back before shuffling your feet forward again. Unexpectedly wowed by the strength of their stage presence, you sometimes need a moment to readjust. This is what went down on Tuesday night when Sydney five-piece The Preatures took to the stage at London’s 100 Club.

The lady of the night, Isabella Manfredi soon declared:

“Alright, let’s fucking do this.“

Jumping straight into one of their best tracks ‘Manic Baby’ early on in the set, the audience was enthralled by their uplifting energetic pop-rock until the end.

Theatrical in all their rock and roll readiness, Manfredi kept the boys entertained with some wet tee action (probably the girls too). Tastefully performing in a near see-through top for the majority of the set, her bottle of water wasn’t much use for hydration. Her intense gazing into the crowd meant there was little time to concentrate on what was going on beyond her striking face and powerful vocals.

Plus, there were other things happening too - the rest of the band were extremely tight and enjoyed playing up to the antics of their frontwoman. When Gideon Bensen shared the vocals, it added a nice element of ‘boy vs girl’ - playful with a touch of sex appeal.

We don’t like to pigeonhole newer bands, but when the majority of reviews have likened their sound to Fleetwood Mac, it’s probably worth mentioning. They don’t hold that same kind of vintage vibe (obviously), but the higher vocal tones and up tempo soulful numbers do leave you feeling rather nostalgic.

They turned it down a notch with a dazzling cover of ‘Total Control’ by The Motels. Finishing with ‘the song’ that’s been their driving force, 'Is This How You Feel?’ things were left on a very positive note.

Still yet to release an album, the band are now en route to Texas for SXSW. These guys are only going to get louder, get ready to dance.