WARPAINT - COLOGNE - 23.02.2014

Sunday is a day to unwind; recover from the week that has been and prepare for the tomorrow. This week we were lucky enough to spend that time with Warpaint at the Live Music Hall in Cologne.

Endearing from the get go, there was no option but to let go and drift away with them. Whether it was body still, eyes closed or a consistent bop of the head - no one was left unaffected by their seductive synth.

The Germans seem to love a darker more electronic vibe - the exact direction of Warpaint’s most recent self-titled LP. That said, it’s difficult to put a label on these four ladies from LA. Their depth of sound is not limited to one direction. Dipping into extended psychedelic jams with tracks like ‘Bees’ it was an effortless transition into funkier bass lines on tracks like ‘Disco//Very’.

Every song was coated with near crystal vocals that often saw three voices aligning in perfect harmony. Whether their songs are danceable or not, they managed to find the right groove to move to throughout.

As smooth as this quartet is, you can’t help it if you’ve got the flu. As they prepared for ‘Billie Holiday’ they let us know that Jenny on bass was going to ‘sit this one out’. As she returned to the stage to see out the rest of the set sitting down, they summed themselves up in the simplest of ways - “We’re ladies, we like to chill.” After all, it was Sunday.

Back to it like a trooper, next up was one of their biggest hits ‘Undertow’. It was a standout track and highlighted the complexity of their heavily layered sound. On the whole, the free flowing nature of the new album makes for a hugely dynamic live set.

If you fancy a therapeutic evening of spine shivers and divine melodic escape, then we suggest you get lost in the tunnel of love named Warpaint too.