Sometimes it feels as though everything that comes out of Texas is coated in magic. Admittedly, that’s being said by someone who’s never been there before - so it’s solely based on the classy sounds it consistently delivers.

This time it’s a band called Natural Anthem and they’re fucking brilliant. Two days ago they released their debut EP Thread and we can’t stop listening. You may know Jake Murphy and Daniel Slatton from their previous band ‘The Will Callers’. If you don’t, it’s fine - Natural Anthem is all you need to worry about at this very point in time.

Thread spans six tracks and manages to capture an extremely authentic vintage sound. The raw vocals in the lead track 'Paranoid’ is what initially sucked us in. Then there’s 'Such A Drag’ where the melody matches the lyrics and everything feels very honest. Things get a little more psychedelic in 'Sicker’ with the guitar being the driving force throughout.

There’s just a real level of groove operating here and it’s one we can’t help but get down with. You can buy the EP here and watch the video for Paranoid below: